This beautiful set of fused glass pictures is made up of 4 separate pictures showing a magical woodland scene in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. They would look absolutely stunning in a lit cabinet or on a windowsill and would make a very special gift.

These pictures are made by drawing trees using glassline pens onto two sheets of glass and then fusing them together in a kiln with the addition of crushed coloured glass called frit. The finished glass panels are then put into good quality white frames which can either be free standing or hung on a wall although the best effect is created by placing the pictures somewhere where light can shine through them such as on a windowsill. These pictures really are magical, the different layers help create depth and perspective and make these wonderful landscapes in which your imagination can lose itself.

The glass panels are approximately 10cm x 15cm and are displayed in a freestanding frame 12.5cm x 17.5cm. The measurements are per individual picture and the price is for the complete set of 4. Please note that the pictures may not be the exact ones in the pictures but will be very similar.

Once purchased, the pictures will be boxed, carefully packaged and posted tracked and signed to ensure that they reach you safely. I have really enjoyed making these pictures, I hope that you like them. Jayne :)

Four Seasons Woodland Pictures