Like an enchanted dreamscape, a beautiful, impressionistic fused-glass woodland picture. This picture is made by drawing trees using glassline pens onto two sheets of glass and then fusing them together in a kiln with the addition of crushed coloured glass called frit. This process is quite time consuming and fiddly and everything is done by hand by myself - every picture is a labour of love! The finished glass panel is then put into a good quality white frame which can either be free standing or hung on a wall although the best effect is created by placing the picture somewhere where light can shine through it such as on a windowsill. This picture really is magical, the different layers help create depth and perspective and make this a wonderful landscape in which your imagination can lose itself.
Once purchased, the picture will be boxed, carefully packaged and posted ‘first class signed for’ to ensure that it reaches you safely. I have really enjoyed making this picture, I hope that you like it. Jayne

Impressionist Spring Bluebells