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At Pacific Calm, we love fairy lights so we decided to combine our fused glass woodland pictures with some LED lights to create a magical scene for after dark. We have placed our lovely glass panels in an extra deep box frame and we have included a set of bright fairy lights that can sit behind the picture. The picture also looks lovely during the daytime, especially on a windowsill with natural light behind it, so it is a win-win situation!
We make the glass panels from 2 sheets of glass which are cut to size and decorated with hand-drawn trees. These sheets of glass are then put in the kiln with a sprinkling of frit (crushed glass) and shiny dichroic flakes and fused at a high temperature for several hours to create the panels. These panels are then placed in our super seconds (These fames may have slight marks or chips on them - hence they are in our super seconds range.) box frames to complete the picture. 
We will include the fairy lights but will leave it to you to put them in place to ensure that you can access the battery compartment whenever necessary. There is plenty of room in the frame behind the glass for the lights so they can just be left loose.
Please note, the glass panels measure approximately 10cm x 10cm and the frame 11.5cm x 11.5cm x 6cm. As each panel is handmade, it may not be identical to the photograph but will be very similar. The fairy lights may also be different to the the ones in the photograph, depending upon what we have in stock. Once purchased, your picture will be carefully wrapped and sent second-class signed for to try and ensure that it reaches you quickly and safely.
We really enjoy making these pictures and hope that you enjoy them too. Thank you :)

Super Second Light up Woodland picture

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